Commercial Planters – Brookfield

Commercial Planters Brookfield

Transforming Commercial Spaces in Brookfield with Large Bell Planters

The contemporary landscape of commercial spaces often leans towards minimalist, concrete structures. But while this aesthetic can feel modern and sleek, it can sometimes lack the inviting warmth that businesses desire. Recognising this, The Outdoor Decor Company embarked on a project that promised to alter this narrative in Brookfield, Western Australia.

Brookfield’s Concrete Transformation

Located in the heart of Brookfield, a store recently received a facelift, not through massive renovations, but with a touch of green and the charm of our Large Bell Planters. This addition was more than just about aesthetics. It was a strategic move that had multifaceted advantages.

More Than Just Decor

Using the Large Bell Planters did more than break the monotonous concrete feel. Their presence designated a distinct al fresco area, creating a refreshing outdoor ambiance that beckons to passersby. The intent? To attract more customers to the store.

But it wasn’t just the planters that made a difference. They were filled with large, exotic plants, turning a regular commercial space into a mini getaway. Just being in the vicinity of these planters, one can feel as if they’re on a tropical vacation, momentarily escaping the bustle of city life.

By introducing the Large Bell Planters into the commercial space in Brookfield Place, The Outdoor Decor Company showcased how simple additions could make a significant difference in the ambiance and appeal of a commercial setting. The right planters, combined with thoughtful plant choices, can transform any space into an inviting haven that resonates with both businesses and their customers.

Commercial Planters – Brookfield
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