Cube Planter Fibreglass

Elevate your greenery with our Cube Planter Fibreglass. This giant planter, measuring 100×100/97×100 cm, is a perfect blend of style and strength. Crafted meticulously from reinforced marine-grade fibreglass, it weighs around 15KG, ensuring durability and stability.

Its design is enhanced with moulded feet for added support, promising longevity with a 5+ year warranty. Tailor-made in-store, we offer finishes using high-quality Dulux Weather-shield  and specialist Porters paints.

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury, opt for our specialist granite finish or a high-gloss look, available on special order. Make a stylish statement with our in-stock finishes, specially made to order for you.

More about Cube Planter Fibreglass

Step up your decor game with the Cube Planter, a modern masterpiece crafted for contemporary spaces. Boasting impressive dimensions of 100×100/97×100, this giant planter promises to be an eye-catching centrepiece in any setting.

Constructed from reinforced marine-grade fibreglass, the Cube Planter stands out not only in style but also in strength. Despite its grand size, it remains surprisingly lightweight, weighing in at approximately 15KG. Built for longevity, it comes with a guarantee of over 5 years, ensuring you a decor piece that lasts.

Functionality and design go hand in hand with this planter. Moulded feet have been thoughtfully integrated underneath, providing added support and stability. And, while its design is undeniably modern, its finish is where it truly shines. Each finish is meticulously crafted in-store using the premium Dulux Weather-shield and the artisanal Porters paints, ensuring a perfect complement to your aesthetic desires.

Looking for something even more bespoke? Our in-stock finish is crafted to order, and for those seeking an added touch of luxury, a specialist granite finish or a radiant high gloss is available upon request.

The Cube Planter Fibreglass is not just a planter; it’s a statement, a commitment to quality, and a nod to modern design. Elevate your space with its undeniable elegance.

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