Cube Planter on Feet 110

Elevate your space, literally and stylistically, with the Cube Planter on Feet. Designed at an impressive 110x110x110 and crafted from Polystone Resin, this oversized planter, available in a palette of finishes, is sure to captivate.

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Cube Planter on Feet: Elevated Style and Design

Meet the Cube Planter on Feet – a testament to modern design, combined with practicality. Sized at a commanding 110x110x110, this planter doesn’t just hold your favorite flora but raises it on feet, adding an unexpected twist to traditional planters. Made from premium Polystone Resin, it promises longevity without compromising on style.

Whether you lean towards the urban edge of Cement Grey, the warm embrace of Brown Terrazzo, or the sleek sophistication of Smoothe Black, there’s a finish to resonate with your personal aesthetic. Craving something extra special? Dive into our High Gloss or Timber Look special orders.

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