Polystone Resin Cube Planter

Experience the structural brilliance of the Cube Planter. Crafted from Polystone Resin, this fully reinforced planter ensures durability even in larger sizes. Its unique design also allows certain cubes to serve as plinths, demonstrating versatility and innovative craftsmanship.

Cube Planter is available in 8 sizes:

  • CG5001/20……20x20x20
  • CG5001/30…….30x30x30
  • CG5001/40…….40x40x40
  • CG5001/50…….50x50x50
  • CG5001/60…….60x60x60
  • CG5001/70…….70x70x70
  • CG5001/90…….90x90x90
  • CG5001/110…..110x110x110

More about Polystone Resin Cube Planter

Cube Planter: Reinforced Polystone Resin in 8 Versatile Sizes

The Cube Planter is a testament to engineering and aesthetic prowess. Made from premium Polystone Resin, every cube is meticulously reinforced to counteract the pressure exerted by its square sides. This dedication to quality is especially evident in larger sizes. A unique feature of select cubes is the added vertical and horizontal bracing, allowing them to be inverted and used as plinths.

With eight sizes available, from compact 20x20x20 cm to the grand 110x110x110 cm, there’s a Cube Planter for every need.

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