Egg Planters

Grace your space with the sculptural elegance of Egg Planters. Boasting an organic oval shape, these planters merge function with artistry. Available in a spectrum of sizes, each planter complements a diverse range of plants. Crafted for longevity and designed to impress, these Egg Planters are set to be the central focus of any decor ensemble.

  • CG5008XL/90……….90 x 75
  • CG5008XL/75……….75 x 63
  • CG5008XL/63……….63 x 52
  • CG5008XL/50……….50 x 42
  • CG5008XL/40………40 x34

More about Egg Planters

Egg Planters: Timeless Elegance for Every Decor

Inspired by nature’s simplest yet most captivating shape, the Egg Planters embody a blend of aesthetics and utility. Their uniquely rounded forms are perfect for showcasing both flora and foliage, giving life to spaces both indoors and out. With an array of sizes to choose from, these planters cater to diverse needs – from statement trees to charming succulents. Made with precision, each planter promises durability, ensuring that they remain a timeless part of your decor for years to come.

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