Oblong Planter

Our oblong troughs are contemporary in design. Straight lines able to fit into any garden design. They are reinforced inside in  the larger sizes, and all the pots are sealed inside  with our unique waterproofing in store before delivery.

Our 2 sizes in the pigmented finish of the troughs have an underneath frame, so when the planter is installed, whether on paving, wood decks and garden settings, the drain holes are off the ground.

Installation for drainage

Place fibreglass fly screen over hole.
On top  of flyscreen place a layer of blue metal stone 20mm size over the bottom
Place again flyscreen over the blue metal stone and then use a quality potting mix



LS7034N/100…100x23x40 Under frame



LS7034/150…….150x37x60 Under frame

Cimstone stone grey

Cimstone stone grey