Oblong Planter

Unveiling the Oblong Planter, epitomizing contemporary design. With straight lines and reinforced structure, these troughs seamlessly fit any garden aesthetic. Featured in a pigmented finish, select sizes offer an underneath frame ensuring elevated drainage.

  • LS7034/60……..60x20x60
  • LS7034/80……..80x30x40
  • LS7034N/100…100x23x40 Under frame
  • LS7034/100……100x40x50
  • LS7034/120……120x60x60
  • LS7034/150…….150x37x60 Under frame

More about Oblong Planter

Oblong Planter: Modern Troughs with Elevated Drainage Design

The Oblong Planter is a synthesis of modern design and functionality. Embracing contemporary aesthetics with its sleek straight lines, it’s an adaptable piece perfect for various garden designs.

Reinforcements are integrated into the larger sizes, while our unique in-store waterproofing ensures longevity and resistance against elements.

A special feature in select sizes is the underneath frame; when installed, it raises the planter, ensuring drain holes remain elevated, ideal for paving, wood decks, and gardens.

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