Stacked Stone Large Water Feature

Transform your outdoor space with the Stacked Stone Large Water Feature. This stunning water feature, converted from a classic urn, arrives ready to enchant with the soothing flow of water. Add extras like LED lights and captivating balls for an extra touch of elegance.


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Stacked Stone Water Feature: Elegance in Simplicity

The Stacked Stone Large Water Feature redefines tranquility in your outdoor oasis. This water feature is the result of converting a classic urn into a captivating masterpiece. It arrives ready to cast its spell, offering a delightful cascade of water that soothes the senses. Its timeless design complements any landscape, whether a lush garden or a modern patio.

What’s more, you can enhance the experience further by adding extras such as LED lights that create a mesmerizing display, especially in the evening. Elevate the elegance with captivating balls that add an element of surprise to the visual spectacle. With easy setup and the ability to just plug in, this water feature is a seamless addition to your outdoor space.

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