Tapered Urns

Experience the fusion of functionality and aesthetics with our Made To Order Tapered Urns. Crafted meticulously from stainless steel, these urns symbolize modern elegance, promising both charm and enduring quality. Perfect for bespoke outdoor design aspirations.


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Stainless Steel Tapered Urns: Sleek Elegance for Every Space

Experience the marriage of form and function with the Tapered Urns, expertly fashioned from high-quality stainless steel. Their gleaming surface reflects the surrounding beauty, while the tapered design adds a touch of modern aesthetic. Resistant to weather and wear, they are perfect for gardens, patios, or interior spaces. Whether you’re showcasing vibrant blooms or using them as standalone d├ęcor, these urns promise to uplift any space with their impeccable design and finish.

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