URN570 Folded Urn

URN570 Folded Urns – Intriguing fibreglass designs, available in two sizes with a matching vase. Accommodates a 32cm liner & customizable color options.

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URN570 Folded Urn – Fibreglass Planters & Vase

Experience the charm of the URN570 Folded Urns, a captivating blend of art and functionality. These intriguing planters, expertly molded from marine grade fibreglass, present an exceptional aesthetic with the durability to match. Available in two distinct sizes, they also come with a harmoniously matching vase. Each planter is designed to comfortably accommodate a 32cm liner, ensuring versatility for your planting needs. The crowning feature? You have the freedom to choose any color, offering a personalized touch to suit any decor. Elevate your space with the distinctive allure of the URN570.

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