Wide Taper

Embrace modern sophistication with the Wide Taper. Available in two sleek sizes, 90×65 and 69×52, these planters add a touch of elegance to any setting. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, they are the perfect vessels for your favorite plants or decorative arrangements.

  • CG5026/90………90×65
  • CG5026/69………69×52

More about Wide Taper

Wide Taper Planters: Modern Elegance

Elevate your décor with the Wide Taper planters. These contemporary pieces are available in two versatile sizes: 90 x 65 and 69 x 52. Crafted to combine modern elegance with functionality, they are equally at home in interior spaces and outdoor gardens. Whether you’re creating a vibrant floral display or a minimalist arrangement, these planters provide a canvas for your creativity. With durable construction, they promise lasting beauty. Bring a touch of modern sophistication to your surroundings with the Wide Taper.

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