Tapered URN Water Feature

Discover the Tapered URN Water Feature, uniquely designed with an individual basin beneath each urn. Equipped with its own pump and adorned with South West river stone, it offers an illusion of a single integrated basin, enhancing the overall aesthetic.


More about Tapered URN Water Feature

Tapered URN Water Feature: Elegant Design with Unique Basin

The Tapered URN Water Feature is an embodiment of art and functionality. Each urn is meticulously designed with its own underlying basin, making it a self-contained unit complete with its pump system. What sets it apart is the exquisite cover of South West river stone atop each basin, creating an illusion that the entire feature sits upon a single, unified basin.

This blend of design ingenuity and premium materials ensures not only a serene water flow but also a visual spectacle, making it a centerpiece in any setting.

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