Amalfi Planter

The Amalfi Planter, a stable urn-shaped design, is versatile and elegant. Perfect as a standalone planter or as a water feature. Our store offers custom conversions for a plug-and-play experience.


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Amalfi Planter – Elegant Urn Design & Convertible Feature

Discover the versatility of the Amalfi Planter. With its urn-like design, it promises stability and elegance, making it a delightful addition to any space. Its unique structure allows for transformation into a water feature, either self-contained within the urn or set atop a basin for cascading overflow. All custom water feature conversions are expertly done in our store, ensuring a hassle-free, plug-in-and-go setup.

Standing proudly at 650W x 1050H, the Amalfi Planter embodies both form and function in a delightful package.

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