Amalfi Planter

The Amalfi Planter is a sturdy urn-shaped design that is both versatile and classy. It works great on its own as a planter or as a water feature. You can also get custom conversions at our store for an easy plug-and-play setup.

More about Amalfi Planter

The Amalfi Planter is a truly versatile piece. Its design, resembling an urn, not only adds stability but also brings an elegant touch to any area. It is a delightful addition that can transform any space.

What makes it even more unique is its ability to be converted into a water feature. You can choose to have it self-contained within the urn or place it on top of a basin for a beautiful cascading overflow effect.

Our store specialises in expertly converting the Amalfi Planter into a custom water feature, ensuring a hassle-free setup that you can simply plug in and enjoy. Standing at a proud size of 650W x 1050H, the Amalfi Planter perfectly combines both style and functionality in one delightful package.

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