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Polystone Resin Pots & Planters Collection in Perth

Enhance your space with our wide range of Polystone Resin Pots & Planters in Perth, Western Australia.

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Polystone Resin Pots for Plants in Variety of Finishes

Explore our exclusive international collection of Polystone Resin Pots & Planters! We make these planters from a combination of polystone and resin, resulting in a durable and long-lasting product.

With their concrete-like appearance, these resin plant pots are ideal for shopping malls, cafes and other commercial spaces. They are perfect addition to any modern indoor or outdoor spaces.

Our polystone resin pots come in a variety of finishes to suit your style. Options for finishes include white, cement grey, dark grey, brown terrazzo, and charcoal black for you to choose from.

For a more unique look, we also offer special finishes like matte black, high gloss colours, and wood grain. No matter your preference, these planters are sure to enhance the beauty of your plants.

Not only are these planters aesthetically pleasing, but they are also highly functional. We make our commercial-grade planters using a combination of powdered stone and a waterproof and liquid membrane. This manufacturing process makes sure that the planters are highly durable and resistant to dirt. They can withstand various weather conditions in Australia and keep their attractive appearance over time.

Despite their sturdy construction, these planters are surprisingly lightweight, making them easy to move and arrange as desired. Our polystone resin garden pots are the ideal option for you to design a beautiful outdoor garden.