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Explore a diverse range of high-quality water features and water fountains at The Outdoor Decor Company. We are proud to offer a large collection to help you enhance the beauty and serenity of your garden or outdoor space. You will find a wide range of options to choose from.

We craft our products using the finest materials to ensure durability and longevity. We have different types for all tastes and budgets. You will find the perfect one for your garden or outdoor space at an affordable price.

Custom Made Water Features to Order in Store

We make custom water features that are unique, and we can make according to your preferences. We will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly complements your outdoor decor. With our premium planters and attention to detail, you can expect a seamless and cohesive look.

For performance and reliability, we only source our pumps from trusted local suppliers. This makes sure your outdoor water features run well, so you can relax in your peaceful oasis without any concerns.

We know it is important to keep things simple for relaxation. That is why we provide easy plug-and-go choices for most designs. This means you can easily set up and enjoy your water feature without any hassle.

For more complex and intricate creations, our professional installation team is here to help. They will ensure that your water feature seamlessly integrates into your backyard haven, creating a harmonious and serene atmosphere. You can trust that we will install with precision and care.

Our goal is to create a backyard oasis that you will enjoy spending time in. Contact or visit our showroom and enhance your outdoor space with our garden features and fountains. We have everything you need to create a stunning and peaceful oasis right in your backyard.

Enhancing Your Garden with Water Features & Fountains

Water fountains and features can add a touch of magic to your garden, making it even more enchanting. They are popular in Perth, Western Australia because there are so many choices to pick from. Make sure to explore all the different options before choosing one for your garden.

Adding a water feature to your garden can help create a calming atmosphere and enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Some of the popular water fountains and features among garden enthusiasts in Perth include ponds, waterfalls, and bird baths.

When choosing a water feature for your garden, think about the size, style, and maintenance requirements to find the perfect fit.

We use different types of materials to build our water features. Each material has its own level of durability that you should consider before making a choice.

Regularly maintain your water features and check for any leaks. Additionally, preparing them for winter during the colder months is important to prevent damage.

Properly placing water features in your outdoor area is key to achieving a harmonious and peaceful environment.

Addressing any common problems quickly and knowing when to call in a professional is essential. This will help ensure that your water features have a long lifespan and work efficiently.