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Enhance your space with our wide range at The Outdoor Decor Company's shop in Perth, Western Australia.

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The Outdoor Decor Company is your go-to shop for turning any outdoor space into a stunning paradise. We handpick and import our products to guarantee they are one-of-a-kind, so your decor will definitely make a statement.

Outdoor Decor Shop in Perth – Handpicked Collections

At The Outdoor Decor Company, we are committed to enhancing your indoor and outdoor spaces with our carefully selected collections. Our products are imported for their unique qualities and cater to all your decor needs.

Whether you need planters, urns, decorative items, water features, or metal wall art, our handpicked selections will surely transform your space.

Located conveniently in Malaga, Perth WA, our showroom displays over 200 designs in various shapes, colours, and sizes. You can easily browse through our products, all of which are ready for immediate collection or quick delivery.

A Collection for Every Decor Enthusiast

Explore our thoughtfully curated collection, where each piece has its own special story. From our beautiful planters and urns to our mesmerizing water features, we promise that your decor will not only look amazing but also feel truly special.

Discover how our range, from custom-made Water Features to the sophisticated Wide Taper, can enhance your outdoor decor with both style and practicality.