Divider Troughs

Discover the elegance of Divider Troughs in our Polystone Resin Premium collection. Available in diverse sizes, each trough combines functionality and aesthetics with finishes that range from muted tones to vibrant blacks and whites.

Polystone Resin Premium
CODE                  SIZE (LxDxH)

Polystone Resin
CODE                  SIZE (LxDxH)
CG5039-60        60x18x60
CG5039-80        80x30x80
CG5039w-80     80x30x60
CG5039-100      100x25x100 Fixed Shelf
CG5039w-100   100x40x80
CG5039-120      120x30x100 Fixed Shelf

Light Stone
CODE                  SIZE (LxDxH)
LS7082-80        80x25x80
LS7082-100      100x25x100

More about Divider Troughs

Divider Troughs: Premium Polystone Resin in Varied Finishes

Divider Troughs from our Polystone Resin Premium line stand as a testament to quality and design. Available in a variety of dimensions, each trough is crafted with precision to cater to different spatial needs.

Whether you prefer the minimalist tones of Cement Grey, Stone White, Charcoal Black, Flat Grey, Flat White, or the boldness of Flat Black, there’s a finish that suits your style. Some models even come with a fixed shelf for added functionality.

Additionally, our Light Stone options further diversify the range, ensuring there’s a trough for every preference.


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