Sphere Balls

Infuse a modern touch into your decor with our Sphere Balls, made from premium polystone resin. These timeless decorative pieces come in a range of colours: white terrazzo, charcoal black terrazzo, and grey terrazzo.

Whether placed in an indoor living space or an outdoor garden setting, these Sphere Balls promise to bring style and sophistication.

Available in:

  • 17cm
  • 25cm
  • 36cm

Choose the perfect size for your space and watch as these Sphere Balls effortlessly enhance its ambiance.

More about Sphere Balls

Sphere Balls: Premium Polystone Resin | Available In 3 Sizes

Elevate your decor with the contemporary design of our Sphere Balls. Expertly crafted from high-quality polystone resin, these decorative balls are a testament to enduring style and sophistication. With finishes in white terrazzo, charcoal black terrazzo, and grey terrazzo, they effortlessly complement a variety of aesthetics.

Perfect as centrepieces or as subtle additions to your decor, these Sphere Balls seamlessly fit into any space, from cozy indoor living areas to expansive garden settings. Beyond just aesthetics, they embody a blend of modern design and timeless charm, promising to captivate and enhance any space they adorn.

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