Large Box Planters

The Large Box Planter is perfectly blended with reinforcement and Polystone Resin. Lightweight, water-resistant, and no sealing required. Certain sizes feature pre-moulded feet for elevated drainage. Experience the stone-like feel, paired with unmatched durability.

  • 200x50x50
  • 150x50x50
  • 100x50x50
  • 50x50x50

More about Large Box Planters

Large Box Planters: Durable Polystone Resin in Multiple Sizes

Elevate your d├ęcor with the Large Box Planter, a harmonious blend of function and style. Each oversized planter box is reinforced both horizontally and vertically, ensuring lasting sturdiness.

Crafted from Polystone Resin, they’re impressively lightweight and inherently water-resistant, removing the need for additional internal sealing. Select sizes even boast pre-moulded feet, elevating them for optimal drainage.

With a tactile sensation reminiscent of genuine stone, yet surprisingly easy to reposition, these planters are versatile. Opt for in-stock sizes or customise for a tailored fit.

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