Flower Stem Metal Wall Art

Experience the charm of our Flower Stem metal wall art. This multicoloured stem flower piece captivates in any setting, offering a versatile display either vertically or horizontally. Equipped with eye brackets, its 3D effect brings depth, creating a stunning visual impact. Size: Approximately 66×30.


More about Flower Stem Metal Wall Art

Crafted with precision, the Flower Stem metal wall art is a testament to innovative design and craftsmanship. Boasting a vibrant mix of colours, this piece embodies the delicate beauty of a stem flower. But its artistry doesn’t stop at its visage. Thoughtfully designed with eye brackets, when mounted, it achieves a captivating 3D effect, allowing the artwork to stand off the wall.

This unique feature not only adds depth and dimension but also accentuates its detailed contours. Plus, with the flexibility to display it vertically or horizontally, this artwork adapts effortlessly to diverse spaces and design preferences.

Measuring at an approximate size of 66×30, the Flower Stem metal wall art promises to be a conversation starter, adding elegance and flair wherever it’s placed.

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