Sorrento Planter

Check out the Sorrento Planter from our Atlantis line! These planters are fired at high temperatures to make sure they’re perfect. They come in three different sizes:

  • B4758/57…57×97
  • B4758/43…43×72
  • B4758/33…33×61

More about Sorrento Planter

The Sorrento Planter combines skillful workmanship with beauty. Each piece undergoes a high-firing process, guaranteeing longevity and a special top-notch appearance that is different for every planter.

Available in dimensions of 57×97, 43×72, and 33×61, the Sorrento Planter offers flexibility while maintaining its stylish look. Whether you want to enhance the elegance of your indoor space or elevate an outdoor area, this planter showcases exceptional craftsmanship and excellence.

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