Sorrento Planter

Introducing the Sorrento Planter from our Atlantis collection. High-fired to perfection, each piece showcases an unparalleled quality finish, epitomizing elegance in three distinct sizes.

  • B4758/57…57×97
  • B4758/43…43×72
  • B4758/33…33×61

More about Sorrento Planter

Sorrento Planter: High-Fired Elegance in the Atlantis Range

The Sorrento Planter, part of our esteemed Atlantis Planter range, merges craftsmanship with aesthetics. Every piece is high-fired, a process that ensures not only durability but also a distinctive high-quality finish unique to each planter.

Available in sizes 57×97, 43×72, and 33×61, the Sorrento Planter promises versatility without compromising on style. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance indoors or grace an outdoor setting, this planter stands as a testament to artistry and quality.

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