Courtyard Fountain

Introducing the Courtyard Fountain: a space-saving 3 Tier Spout design made-to-order in store. Perfect for balconies & small courtyards, available in all finishes for a plug-and-play experience.


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Courtyard Fountain – Customizable & Space-Saving Elegance

Transform tight spaces into tranquil sanctuaries with the Courtyard Fountain. Exclusively crafted to order in our store, this 3 Tier Spout design, measuring 80×120, seamlessly fits against walls – making it an ideal choice for balconies and snug courtyards. Made using our robust divider troughs in polystone resin, durability meets aesthetics.

Choose from a plethora of finishes to match your decor. With a fuss-free setup, this water feature is designed as a plug-and-play unit. Depending on your needs, select from either a 240V or 12V pump, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of serenity.

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