Atlantis Urn

Discover the Atlantis Urn, elegantly perched on a concealed ground basin with only about 100mm peeking above the surface. This setup is framed by the resilient 100mm galvanized Straightcurve garden edging. The basin’s top layer is adorned with a captivating mix of pebbles, amplifying the urn’s majestic presence.


More about Atlantis Urn

Atlantis Urn: The Pinnacle of Artistry and Nature

The Atlantis Urn offers a sophisticated blend of art and nature. Resting atop a basin mostly concealed underground, this urn showcases a harmonious balance of crafted beauty and natural elegance. Approximately 100mm of the basin rises above ground level, perfectly encased by the durable Straightcurve garden edging in 100mm galvanized finish.

Completing this serene scene, a mix of pebbles fills the surface up to the edging level. This piece isn’t just an urn; it’s a centerpiece that elevates the beauty of any outdoor space.

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