Waverley Water Feature

Discover the versatility and elegance of the Waverley Water Feature. This sophisticated water feature comes with a top section that can be seamlessly placed on various plinth sizes, be it cylindrical as showcased or square-shaped bases.

While the base must be a minimum of 500mm wide, the height is fully customisable to fit your unique design vision. Includes a 500mm cylinder, a robust pump, and plug-and-go functionality.

Elevate your outdoor space with the Waverley’s harmonious blend of design and functionality.


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Waverley Water Feature: Customisable Base & Complete Set

Discover the sophistication of the Waverley Water Feature, meticulously designed for adaptability and ease. Its top section effortlessly pairs with a range of base shapes, be it cylindrical or square. While the minimum width for the base is set at 500mm, its height remains versatile to seamlessly blend with any design preference.

As showcased, the Waverley Water Feature on a 500mm cylinder comes complete with a pump, ensuring a hassle-free setup — just plug in, and let the serene sound of flowing water enchant your surroundings. It’s a masterpiece that promises both aesthetics and functionality.

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