Dimple Fountain

The Dimple Fountain is a stunning addition to any outdoor space. With its unique design and ancient rust finish, it adds a touch of elegance and charm.

The price includes a pump and LED light, making it easy to set up and enjoy. Simply plug it in and watch as the water flows and the LED light illuminates.

  • ALF5253—44×66 Ancient Rust…………….$495.00
  • Price includes pump and LED light.
  • Fitted as a plug in and go water feature.

More about Dimple Fountain

The Dimple Fountain is not only visually appealing, but it also offers a tranquil and calming atmosphere to any outdoor area. Its design is truly one-of-a-kind, featuring intricate details and a beautiful ancient rust finish that adds a touch of sophistication and charm.

Setting up the Dimple Fountain is a breeze, as it comes with a pump and LED light included in the price. This means that you don’t have to worry about setting it up and running. Simply plug it in, and you’ll be able to witness the magic unfold before your eyes.

Whether you place it in your garden, patio, or courtyard, the Dimple Fountain is guaranteed to become the focal point of your outdoor space.

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