Polystone Resin Diva Planter

Introducing the Diva Planter in polystone resin, exuding sophistication across 5 distinct sizes. Melding durability with style, it’s a perfect fit for varied spaces, from patios to indoor corners.

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Diva Planter – Versatile Polystone Resin Elegance in 5 Sizes

Elevate your greenery game with the Diva Planter. Crafted from durable polystone resin, this planter promises longevity while radiating a modern, chic charm. From expansive patios to cozy indoor corners, the Diva Planter’s array of five sizes ensures there’s an option tailored for every need:

  • CG5022/120 (120×100)
  • CG5022/100 (100×45)
  • CG5022/70 (70×70)
  • CG5022/50 (50×50)
  • CG5022/45 (45×45)

Whether you’re aiming to showcase a grand indoor tree or a set of delicate succulents, the Diva Planter offers the perfect canvas to let your plants shine.

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