Tall Drum Pot

The Tall Drum Pot is crafted from durable Polystone Resin. Available in two distinct sizes, these pots showcase a sleek design, perfect for those seeking vertical elegance in their plant displays.

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Tall Drum Pot: Polystone Resin Pots in Sleek Vertical Design

The Tall Drum Pot, made from premium Polystone Resin, is a true embodiment of style and longevity. With options measuring at 40/50 x 100 cm and 28/33 x 70, these pots provide versatility for different plant arrangements. Their tall stature lends a unique vertical dimension, making them an ideal choice for both minimalist and lush setups.

Whether you’re adorning an indoor corner or an outdoor patio, the Tall Drum Pot stands as a testament to refined aesthetics and functionality.

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