Diva Low Bowl Planter

The Diva Low Bowl Planter: Elegantly broad with a shallow depth, perfect for large plants with shallow roots. Available in white, cement grey, and charcoal black.

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Stylish Diva Low Bowl Planter | Perfect For Large Plants

Elevate your outdoor space with the Diva Low Bowl Planter, a masterpiece in modern design. With a wide 900mm base, it’s perfectly stable, but what truly sets it apart is its shallow 450mm depth, specifically crafted for those larger plants that have a less deep root system.

Finished in our top-grade polystone resin, this planter is not only a visual delight but promises durability, ensuring it stands up to the elements when placed outdoors. Whether you opt for the pristine white, the urban cement grey, or the bold charcoal black, the Diva Low Bowl is sure to make a statement in any space. The model CG5022/100 measures 100 x 45, ensuring ample space for your plants to flourish.

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