Giant Egg Planter

Elevate your space with the Giant Egg Planter. Crafted from durable Polystone Resin (1500x950mm), it’s available in various finishes: Cement Grey, Charcoal Black, and more. Opt for special orders like High Gloss or Timber Look. A perfect blend of style and function for any setting.

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Giant Egg Planter: Stylish & Versatile Choices for Your Space

Discover the Giant Egg Planter – a statement piece with a design inspired by the simplicity of an egg. Measuring a majestic 1500x950mm and crafted from enduring Polystone Resin, this planter is more than just visually appealing. It’s versatile too, with finishes ranging from Cement Grey to Smoothe Grey.

For those seeking an even more distinct look, special orders in High Gloss or Timber Look finishes are available. Whether you’re designing an urban oasis or a backyard retreat, the Giant Egg Planter promises to be a standout feature.

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