URN617 on wheels

Explore the mobility of the URN617. Crafted from Marine Grade Fibreglass and equipped with wheels, this urn combines robustness with convenience. Sized at 1700L x 455H x 400W, it’s perfect for dynamic spaces and those who love a touch of versatility.

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URN617 on Wheels: Fibreglass Urn with Mobility and Style

Meet the URN617 on wheels – a testament to innovative design and quality craftsmanship. Constructed using Marine Grade Fibreglass, it assures durability while its wheels offer unparalleled mobility. With dimensions of 1700L x 455H x 400W, it’s spacious yet sleek, making it ideal for both large and compact settings.

Whether you’re redefining a garden layout, optimising an indoor space, or simply needing a movable planting solution, the URN617 serves as a perfect blend of function and style.

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