Neptune Urn505

The Neptune Urn505 is a blend of modern aesthetics and robust craftsmanship. Crafted from high gloss marine grade fibreglass, it’s available in two sizes, promising durability and a sleek appearance.

  • 935×415
  • 780×415

More about Neptune Urn505

Neptune Urn505: High Gloss Marine Grade Fibreglass Urns

Elevate your space with the Neptune Urn505. Made with high gloss marine grade fibreglass, this urn is not just a decorative piece but a testament to durability and finesse. Choose between the spacious 935 x 415 dimension or the equally impressive 780 x 415 size. Its glossy finish reflects light beautifully, making it a captivating focal point in any environment. Merging functionality with contemporary design, the Neptune Urn505 stands as a symbol of quality and style.

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