Water Features Made To Order!

Experience the magic of bespoke water features! Convert any of our polystone resin low bowls to craft your unique water feature. Highlighted by an underground pure fibreglass basin of 1700mm diameter, it’s a blend of beauty and function made to your taste.


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Custom Water Features: Tailored Elegance with Polystone Resin

Dive into a world of customized water elegance with our “Water Features Made To Order”. Whether you have a design in mind or need inspiration, our polystone resin low bowls offer endless possibilities.

Every feature is underpinned by a robust below-ground basin made of pure fibreglass, spanning 1700mm in diameter. The seamless integration of the feature with this basin ensures durability and a visually stunning water display.

It’s not just a water feature, but a testament to personal style and craftsmanship.

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