Low Bowl 850

Immerse in the allure of the Low Bowl 850, perched atop a 50×50 plinth. Crafted from durable polystone resin in a pristine white, it’s a modern addition that marries style with function.


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Low Bowl 850: White Polystone Resin Fountain Elegance

Behold the exquisite design of the Low Bowl 850. Fashioned from high-quality polystone resin, it presents a gleaming white finish that blends seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional settings.

Elevated on a 50×50 plinth, it brings a touch of elevation and grandeur to its surroundings. Beyond its visual appeal, it offers versatility. Depending on your aesthetic and acoustic preference, choose from a variety of fountain heads – be it shower heads, tall heads, or the tranquil ball flows.

Whether for introspective moments or social gatherings, the Low Bowl 850 promises to be a conversation starter.

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