Roof Top and Balcony Planters

Roof Top and Balcony Planters

Transforming Outdoor Spaces with Verna Troughs

In urban settings like Perth, outdoor spaces, particularly roof top and balcony, can often feel underutilised or stark. However, with a touch of creativity and the right elements, they can be transformed into serene green sanctuaries.

The Outdoor Decor Company has always been at the forefront of enhancing these spaces. Our recent project is a testament to this commitment. We supplied and seamlessly installed the elegant Verna Trough in a Perth balcony, instantly elevating its aesthetic appeal.

Redefining Spaces with Divider Troughs

Among the standout features of this project were the Divider Troughs complemented by an oval boat planter. This combination not only maximized the planting space but also added a design element that breaks the monotony, infusing life into the area.

Addressing Weight-Loading Concerns with Polystone Resin Planters

One of the main concerns with balcony gardening is weight. Traditional planters, especially when filled with soil and plants, can be heavy. Our lightweight polystone resin planters address this issue, ensuring safety without compromising on aesthetics. They’re easy to handle, and rearranging them is a breeze.

Flexibility with Verna Trough’s Integrated Wheels

As seasons change, so do the lighting conditions. The Verna trough, designed with integrated wheels, allows homeowners to effortlessly move it around, ensuring plants receive optimal light as the sun shifts its path.

Choosing the Right Plants

While design and flexibility are crucial, the soul of any green space is the plants. Opting for herbaceous and resilient plants can make maintenance more manageable. Native plants, in particular, are an excellent choice as they’re adapted to local conditions, ensuring they thrive.

Drainage and Lighting Considerations

Drainage is vital. A well-draining planter prevents waterlogging, which can be detrimental to plant health. Moreover, adding LED lighting to the mix can elevate the ambiance, making evenings on the balcony more enchanting.

In conclusion, balcony spaces, no matter their size, hold immense potential. With the right elements like the Verna Trough and some thoughtful planning, they can be elevated or transformed into personal oases amidst urban jungles. The Outdoor Decor Company is always ready to assist in realising these green dreams.

Roof Top and Balcony Planters
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