Utah Planters – The Vines

Utah Planters & The Vines

Transforming The Vines Pool Area with Utah Planters

When discussing about transforming outdoor spaces, The Outdoor Decor Company knows how to leave an impressive mark. In one of our recent projects, we had the opportunity to transform a pool area located in The Vines, Perth, turning it into an oasis that’s both functional and breathtakingly beautiful.

Utah Planters: The Heart of the Transformation

Our Utah Planters were the centrepieces in this transformation. With their contemporary design and durable make, these planters were an obvious choice to give the pool area a fresh, modern vibe. Available in various sizes, they provide versatility in design options, ensuring every corner of the space gets the attention it deserves.

Mature Dracaenas: Adding Life and Lushness

We didn’t just stop at the planters. To make sure the pool area had a vibrant, tropical feel, we introduced mature 15-year-old Dracaenas. These plants, known for their distinct, linear leaves, added height and lushness to the surroundings, perfectly complementing the Utah Planters.

Self-Watering Magic

To ensure the plants receive consistent moisture without any hassles, some of our Utah Planters were fitted with self-watering inserts. This innovative addition not only makes maintenance a breeze but also ensures the plants remain healthy and vibrant, even during Perth’s hot summers.

A Native Garden Oasis

The transformation didn’t end at the poolside. The front of the house was converted into a captivating native garden, culminating in a serene billabong. This touch of nature right at the doorstep amplifies the overall ambiance, making the home feel like a true retreat.

The Finishing Touch: Rocks via Crane

To add a touch of rugged elegance, we decided on incorporating rocks into the design. Given their significant size and weight, a crane was employed to place them perfectly. This element not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides a natural feel, seamlessly blending the man-made and natural components of the garden.

The Outdoor Decor Company’s dedication to quality and design was on full display in The Vines project. With Utah Planters as the stars and complemented by mature Dracaenas, innovative self-watering systems, a native garden, and strategically placed rocks, we turned an ordinary pool area into an outdoor paradise.

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