Essential Tips for Succulents Care - Proper Watering and Feeding

Essential Tips for Succulents Care – Proper Watering and Feeding

Succulents are available in various shapes and sizes. These plants are ideal for people of all ages who are new to gardening. Succulents are generally low-maintenance, but they require adequate sunlight and careful watering. It is important to use well-drained soil and provide them with sufficient sunlight. Here are two essential tips for properly caring for succulents.

Proper Watering: Tailored Approach For Succulents Health

Proper watering is essential for the health of your succulents. The watering method you choose should be based on the type of plant you have. If your succulent has delicate leaves, it is recommended to use bottom watering. Simply place the pot in a bowl of water and allow the soil to absorb the water from the bottom. This method can help prevent fungal diseases in certain succulents.

Alternatively, you can opt for top watering using a hosepipe or watering can. However, it is important to be cautious about the amount of water you give your succulents. Avoid overwatering, as it will not benefit them. If the soil around the plant is compacted, loosen it up to ensure proper drainage. Always ensure that the soil is completely dry before watering again.

Proper Feeding: Fertilisers For Succulents Growth & Health

Succulents do need a fertiliser from time to time. You could make liquid fertiliser part of your watering cycle or feed with a slow-release fertiliser pellet by working it into the top layer of the soil with a hand fork. Be careful not to damage your succulents when doing this.

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