Succulent Low Rise Bowls

Delve into the beauty of Succulent Low Rise Bowls, available in four sizes. Crafted for succulent enthusiasts, these bowls come in finishes like Caesar Stone white, charcoal black, and cement grey, ensuring elegance in every display.

  • CG5015/64………64×16
  • CG5015/54………54×13
  • CG5015/44………44×11
  • CG5015/34………34×9

More about Succulent Low Rise Bowls

Succulent Low Rise Bowls: Diverse Sizes, Elegant Finishes

Elevate your plant displays with the Succulent Low Rise Bowls. Tailored in four distinct sizes from 64×16 to 34×9, these bowls cater to various plant arrangements and spaces. With finishes like the elegant Caesar Stone white, the deep charcoal black, and the modern cement grey, they offer versatility in aesthetics. Whether you’re showcasing a solitary succulent or a mixed arrangement, these bowls promise durability combined with a sleek design, making them a prime choice for plant enthusiasts.

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