Atlantis 3 Urns Water Feature

Atlantis 3 Urns – A transformative water feature customisable to your taste. Seal with our exclusive sealant for durability, and opt for self-contained or basin setups. Enhanced by both internal and external lighting. Choice of 240V or 12V pumps.


More about Atlantis 3 Urns Water Feature

Introducing the Atlantis 3 Urns Water Feature – a dynamic addition that promises to redefine your space. Handpicked urns from our collection can be converted into mesmerising water features, all customised in-store. Sealed with our 2-pack exclusive sealant, these urns are built to last. Opt for a self-contained bubbler or a basin setup that gracefully overflows and recirculates. Elevate the experience further with optional internal and external lighting. Power your feature with a choice between a 240V pump, boasting a 10m cord, or a 12V low voltage pump, complete with waterproof adapters.

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