Ball Planter

Transform your spaces with our stunning “Ball Planter.” Designed for both indoor and outdoor settings, it offers exceptional durability and stability, making it perfect for large plants. Don’t forget to explore our range of planter stands tailored for Polystone Resin Planters.

Available in a variety of sizes, such as:

  • CG5065/32: 32×25
  • CG5065/54: 54×43
  • CG5065/82: 82×57
  • CG5065/110: 110×72

The stability of these planters is unmatched, ensuring they can accommodate large plants without toppling over.

More about Ball Planter

Ball Planter: Modern Design & Stability In Polystone Resin

Elevate your indoor and outdoor spaces with the exquisite Ball Planter collection, the pride of Perth’s finest range. These ball planters transcend style and setting, making them versatile additions to any decor. Crafted with utmost care, these planters are built to last and impress.

But that’s not all. Complement your planter game with our sturdy and stylish planter stands, specially designed for Polystone Resin Planters. These stands enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your planters, providing a complete package for your gardening needs.

Featuring the premium designer range of fibreglass terrazzo, these planters are the epitome of style and durability. With a flawless finish and exceptional quality, this range is meant to stand the test of time, whether placed in an outdoor garden or an indoor oasis.

What sets our planters apart is their unparalleled strength and durability. They are constructed with up to 4 times the wall thickness of standard models, with added reinforcement for maximum stability. Your plants will thrive in these planters, confident in their ability to withstand the elements.

Finishes: POLYSTONE RESIN- white-cement grey-brown terrazzo-charcoal black-dark grey
LIGHT STONE-white-natural grey-black-dark grey-white crack cimstone

Additionally, we offer Dulux WEATHERSHIELD Paint technique for all planters, with extra charges for gloss colours.

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