Trough Planter 150x50x50

Transform spaces with the Trough Planter, sized 150x50x50. Crafted from Premium Polystone Resin, it showcases elegance and durability. With multiple finishes to choose from, it seamlessly merges with any decor theme.

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Trough Planter 150x50x50: Polystone Resin Elegance

Elevate your outdoor or indoor setting with the premium Trough Planter. Measuring 150x50x50, this planter is constructed using the finest Polystone Resin, ensuring both aesthetics and longevity.

Choose from a rich palette of finishes, including Cement Grey, Charcoal Black, White Stone, Brown Terrazzo, and Grey Stone. For a more matte appearance, options of Flat Black, Flat Grey, and Flat White are available.

Those seeking a touch of luxury can opt for special order finishes like High Gloss or Timber Look.

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