Drum Cylinder

The Drum Cylinder is a harmonious blend of form and function. This sleek, cylindrical design, suitable for both indoor and outdoor placements, stands as a testament to longevity with its UV-protected surface. Whether you opt for the Polystone Resin or Light Stone finish, each choice comes with a spectrum of sizes to seamlessly align with your aesthetic needs.

Polystone Resin:

  • CG5003/60…….60×60
  • CG5003/50…….50×50
  • CG5003/40…….40×40
  • CG5003/30…….30×30
  • CG5003/20…….20×20

Light Stone:

  • LS6092/60…..60×60
  • LS6092/50……50×50
  • LS6092/40……40×40
  • LS6092/30……30×30
  • LS6092/20……20×20

More about Drum Cylinder

Drum Cylinder: UV-protected, Polystone Resin or Light Stone

Dive into the world of aesthetic perfection with the Drum Cylinder. Crafted for versatility, this design thrives in a multitude of settings, be it the cozy indoors or the vast expanse of the outdoors. Its UV-protected surface is a beacon of lasting brilliance, ensuring the sheen remains unscathed through seasons. Make a choice between the rich textures of Polystone Resin or the subtle elegance of Light Stone. With varied sizes at your disposal, curate a space that resonates with your unique style.

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