Capri Trough Planter

The Capri Trough Planter, with its slim design, is perfect for tight spaces, offering functionality as a divider or a traditional planter. Suitable for all finishes, its versatile design caters to various aesthetic needs.

  • LS7073/36….74 X 36 X 60……..24kg
  • LS7073/18….49 X 18 X 48………10kg

More about Capri Trough Planter

Capri Trough Planter: Sleek Divider & Planter in Two Sizes

Dive into the world of modern design with the Capri Trough Planter. This planter is meticulously designed to serve dual purposes: as an elegant divider and as a conventional trough planter. Its height and slender design make it perfect for areas with limited space.

Available in all finishes, it provides flexibility in aesthetics, ensuring a seamless fit into any d├ęcor style. Whether it’s the spacious 74 X 36 X 60 cm variant or the compact 49 X 18 X 48 cm one, the Capri Trough Planter stands as a beacon of versatility and style.

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