Crucible Planter

The Crucible Planter stands out with its unique round design, boasting a wider width than height. Crafted from Polystone Resin infused with stone chip, this planter offers stability and water-resistance, making it ideal for larger trees. It seamlessly merges aesthetics with functionality with its flat bottom, differing from the Egg planter.

Crucible Planter available in three sizes to cater to various needs:

  • CG5008L/70………….70 x 61
  • CG5008L/60…………60 x 53
  • CG5008L/50…………50 x 46

More about Crucible Planter

Introducing the Crucible Planter, a marvel in pot design. With its round shape and a flat bottom, the planter provides a stable base for planting, especially ideal for larger trees. Its width surpasses its height, ensuring ample space for growth. Made using a unique blend of Polystone Resin and stone chip, this planter requires no internal sealing, offering inherent water resistance.

Distinct from the Egg planter primarily due to its flat base, the Crucible Planter also comes equipped with a rubberized anti-vibration square hidden underneath, ensuring effective drainage while keeping the drain holes off the ground. Furthermore, we offer a variety of saucers tailored for our pots and a range of self-watering inserts, optimizing the planter’s utility.

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