Polystone Resin LUMA Planter

Experience the modern allure of the LUMA Planter, crafted from Polystone Resin. With an extended height design, it’s available in three optimal sizes and various finishes. Lightweight yet durable, its shape fits perfectly in diverse settings. Ideal for mix and match clusters.

  • CG5012-60……..51×60
  • CH5012-50……..44×50
  • CG5012-35………35×40

More about Polystone Resin LUMA Planter

LUMA Planter in Polystone Resin: Modern Elegance in 3 Sizes

The LUMA Planter is a synthesis of style and durability, crafted meticulously from Polystone Resin. Showcasing an extended height relative to its width, it offers a distinct, sophisticated profile.

Available in three sizes: 51×60, 44×50, and 35×40, each size complements spaces both big and small. Finishes in Cement Grey, Stone White, and Charcoal Black allow versatility in design preferences.

With a sturdy shape and flat bottom, it promises stability. For a more intricate design approach, mix and match the sizes to create eye-catching clusters.

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