Polystone Resin Tub Planter

Introducing the Tub Planter from our Polystone Resin Pots & Planters range. Boasting various sizes, these planters offer a blend of sleek design and durability, perfect for diverse greenery displays.

  • CG5002/70………70 x 58
  • CG5002/60……..60 x 50
  • CG5002/50……..50 x 40
  • CG5002/40……..40 x 35
  • CG5002/30……..30 x 25

More about Polystone Resin Tub Planter

Tub Planter: Polystone Resin Elegance Across Multiple Sizes

Step into a realm of refined aesthetics with the Tub Planter, a part of our esteemed Polystone Resin Pots & Planters collection. Each size, from a spacious 70 x 58 cm to a compact 30 x 25 cm, exemplifies a blend of modern design and the sturdiness of Polystone Resin.

These tub-shaped planters stand out as an epitome of elegance and functionality, providing an optimal environment for plants while elevating the aesthetics of any setting.

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