Oblong Trough

Embrace the versatility of the Oblong Trough. Reinforced, with a full frame underneath, it’s ideal for elevating streetscapes, cafes, patios, or pool areas. Available in various finishes, this trough ensures elevated drainage and is tailored for both urban and residential settings.

  • Oblong Trough 150x37x60: LS7034/150 – 150x37x60
  • Oblong Trough 100x23x40: LS7034N/100 – 100x23x40

More about Oblong Trough

Oblong Trough: Elevated Design and Versatility in One

The Oblong Trough is a marriage of form and function. Its full frame design ensures that drain holes remain elevated, making it perfect for any setting, whether urban streetscapes or cozy patios.

This fully reinforced trough stands out not just in terms of design, but also its wide range of finishes – from the muted tones of White Cimstone, Black, Apollo Grey, Raku, to the textured Dulux Colours.

Its construction, a robust mix of cement and grounded fibreglass, promises durability. With the ability to be bolted or glued down, it’s a versatile choice for diverse needs.

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