Oros Planter

Introducing the Oros Planter – a lightweight, versatile choice ideal for both indoors and outdoors. Pair with our self-watering insert for easy table settings. Available in Natural Stone Grey finish and in three distinct sizes to cater to your planting needs.

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Oros Planter: Lightweight & Versatile for Indoor & Outdoor Use

The Oros Planter is the embodiment of elegance and convenience. Crafted with a lightweight design, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor plant displays. Its versatility is further enhanced when paired with our self-watering insert, making it an exquisite centerpiece for table settings. Whether you’re showcasing vibrant florals or lush greenery, the Oros Planter ensures they’re presented in style. It’s available in three sizes: a spacious 46×38, a medium 34×30, and a compact 26×22, all finished in the serene Natural Stone Grey. Choose Oros and add a touch of timeless elegance to your spaces.

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