Divider Trough

Divider Trough Curved Sides

FS7082/80……………80 x 30 x80

FS7082/60……………60 x 20 x60

The curved divider made in our pigmented fibre cement finish is a very impressive divider trough. The curved sides adds a distinct style to this divider. The trough is sealed with our unique waterproofing product in store before being delivered.

Cimstone Fibre Cement Planters
Construction: Cement/ Fine Stone/Fibreglass Cloth
Process: Cement compound mixed with powdered
stone additives
Tolerance: +/- 8cm height/width/depth
Use: Indoor and outdoor
Maintenance: Wash with sponge and lukewarm water
Installation: Install on even sealed ground. Ensure
ground surface is free from any defects.


Installation for drainage

Place fibreglass fly screen over hole.
On top  of flyscreen place a layer of blue metal stone 20mm size over the bottom
Place again flyscreen over the blue metal stone and then use a quality potting mix