Tall Round Taper Planter

Elevate your space with the Tall Round Taper Planter. Not only can it be converted into a water feature in-store, but its three sizes also allow for creative clustering when paired with other products, ensuring dynamic displays.

  • LS7000/50…..50×100 39kg
  • LS7000/38….38×68 18kg
  • LS7000/28….28×50 9kg

More about Tall Round Taper Planter

Tall Round Taper Planter: Versatility in 3 Distinct Sizes

The Tall Round Taper Planter is a fusion of functionality and aesthetics. This unique model, available in sizes ranging from a substantial 50×100 cm to a more compact 28×50 cm, stands out with its versatility. In-store conversion to a water feature offers a fresh dimension of decor possibilities.

Moreover, its design complements a variety of settings, and when combined with other products, it paves the way for intriguing clusters. Whether you prioritize utility or design, this planter meets both criteria.

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