Topedo Planter

The Topedo Planter stands as a paragon of craftsmanship. Meticulously crafted using Cimstone Fibre Cement, it offers a blend of aesthetics and durability in three size variations. Available in Dulux paint finishes and natural stone hues.

  • FS7071/35………….35W x 46H…..weight 36kg
  • FS7071/48………….48W x 62H…..weight  19kg
  • FS7071/68………….68W x 85H……weight 10kg


Installation for drainage:

  • Place fibreglass fly screen over hole.
  • On top  of flyscreen place a layer of blue metal stone 20mm size over the bottom
  • Place again flyscreen over the blue metal stone

More about Topedo Planter

Topedo Planter: Elegant Cimstone Fibre Cement Crafts

The Topedo Planter merges style with resilience. Fashioned from Cimstone Fibre Cement, a fusion of cement, fine stone, and fibreglass cloth, this planter guarantees longevity.

With sizes ranging from a compact 35W x 46H cm to a spacious 68W x 85H cm, the Topedo Planter accommodates a variety of plant types.

Whether you prefer the sleek Dulux paint finish or the earthy charm of natural stone in grey, white, or black, there’s a design to elevate your space. Meant for both indoors and outdoors, it promises versatility with a touch of elegance.

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