Trough Planter 80x30x40

Discover style and durability with our CG5027/80 Trough Planter. Crafted from Polystone Resin, this 80x30x40 planter is available in variety of finishes, including Cement Grey and Charcoal Black. Elevate your outdoor space with our premium collection.


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Trough Planter CG5027/80

Elevate your gardening experience with our Trough Planter CG5027/80 in a stylish 80Lx30Wx80H design. Crafted from durable Polystone Resin, this planter promises both longevity and sophistication.

Choose from a range of finishes, including Cement Grey, Charcoal Black, White Stone, Brown Terrazzo, Grey Stone, Smoothe White, Flat Black, and Flat Grey.


Trough Planter LS7034/80

For those seeking a touch of luxury, explore our Special Orders offering High Gloss and Timber Look finishes. If you prefer the Stone Grey, White Cimstone, Black Cimstone, Grey Cimstone, or White/Grey Crack Cimstone finishes, our LS7034/80 model is an excellent choice in the size of 80x30x40.

Whether you’re aiming for a modern urban garden or a classic outdoor space, these trough planters are versatile and sure to complement any setting. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our Trough Planters.

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